Liberating Brands

Communication is only effective if brands and organizations are free. Free to grow, to learn, to persuade and to inspire. Free from rigid patterns and outdated values. We create that freedom. With new insights, data, creativity, clear ideas and integrated solutions that guarantee energy and results. In the Netherlands and beyond. We are Campagne, brand liberators. If you love your brand… set it free!


At Campagne, we don’t just get working. Using our natural curiosity, we look for relevant insights. The ‘liberator’ (the unique idea) only comes to light once you thoroughly know and understand the target group. It’s not just about what they do, but more importantly why they do it. Research identifies this and based on these insights, knowing exactly what’s going on, we translate complex questions into a powerful strategy. From logical thinking to creative magic. The implementation is striking, surprising, effective and strengthens the brand’s power. Smart thinking and action to achieve maximum results are an essential part of this – not drawing up budgets. That’s how we liberate brands!

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Rotterdam Spirit

All that chatter about brands, strategy and communication is nice of course. As befitting a Rotterdam agency, we love rolling up our sleeves and delivering the difference. We do it in a wonderful, 400-year-old farmhouse on the outskirts of Rotterdam. We are bold enough to call ourselves the nicest agency in Rotterdam. Luckily, clients from both near and far agree.

We work hard and laugh a lot. We are proud of our corporate culture (bla bla bla, we just call it ‘nice work’). And we serve very good coffee. Drop by and sample the atmosphere for yourself.

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