We Buses

Encourage bus use during rush hour in Eindhoven, Breda and Den Bosch.

One sentence brief

Improve accessibility and traffic flow in Eindhoven and specific areas of Breda and Den Bosch during rush hour by encouraging drivers to try the bus and as a result, achieve long-term behavioural change.

Film / Animation

With a clear video/animation, supported by advertising, print and outdoor promotion, a trial offer for We Buses was presented via local employers.

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Appointments. We all make them
And we all want to keep them.

But the morning and evening rush hours often screw up many schedules. We talk, we call, we text. But what’s the smartest way to navigate the rush hour in Brabant? We Buses!


Try the bus in North Brabantwith 10 free trips.

Research shows that bus passengers mainly choose the bus because it offers certainty about arrival times during the rush hour. And it’s precisely this that we used as a starting point to tempt rush-hour drivers to go by bus a few times. The trial offer is 10 free trips. The only thing you have to do is register once and install an easy-to-use app on your smartphone. One click on the ticket in the app as you board is enough to activate the trip and ride free on the bus.

Participants were mainly recruited via employers in the campaign areas.


60% of participants plan to travel by public transport more often once the offer expires.

We Buses has since transported many hundreds of participants. Every ten participants represent one permanent rush hour avoidance. Research shows that about 60% of participants (certainly) plan to travel by public transport after the trial period since the bus has proved to be a good alternative: a long-term behavioural change in other words.

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