The sport platform for 600,000 Rotterdammers.

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How can we get 600,000 more Rotterdammers moving?

project description

Getting some 600,000 more Rotterdammers moving is quite a challenge. But Rotterdam engages, and does sport too! So we developed an online platform: A content platform to inspire, guide and motivate. With a complete overview of clubs, societies and sports events in Rotterdam. Accompanied by blogs, videos, vlogs and personal stories about sport. For and by Rotterdammers.

The platform includes plenty of room for stories in words and pictures, sport chat and videos. The content on the website and social media is mainly generated by Campagne and three promoters (Municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Topsport and Rotterdam Sportsupport). Reporters play an increasingly important role in this. They are enthusiastic Rotterdammers who love sharing their passion for sport with the rest of the city. Running, netball, crossfit and even chess. Everything is on offer!


A personal content platform with a Rotterdam feel. Offering stories that Rotterdammers can identify with. Stories that make you think, inspire you or get you going.


In order to research the target group’s needs, we went out onto the streets and asked Rotterdammers about their sports activities. We went into more depth with a focus group. This input provided the basis for the platform and the content. Campagne also compiled a social playbook. A manual for creating content for all stakeholders. It explained all the channels, formats and types of content. In this way we are able to create uniform content with different content makers.


To promote the platform in Rotterdam, three trailers were produced.

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After a month, was the largest regional sports platform. The content platform went online in April 2016.

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