3.4 million happy customers in 70 years.

3.4 million happy customers in 70 years.

Retail is changing fast. The consumer wants to be tempted, but in the right way. The right tone of voice in all media is more important than ever. Roobol is a specialist in floor coverings, curtains, window dressing and carpets, and in the last 70 years has made over 3.4 million customers happy.For us, this was the liberator through which we have reached many customers both off and online.


3.4 million happy customers in 70 years was the liberator that ensured a massive response to the social campaign.

Award, engage and share

With the ‘Who would you award a voucher?’ campaign, we started a dialogue with the target group who could indicate, through letter, e-mail, Pinterest and Facebook, why they would award someone a voucher worth € 1,000. This was promoted through POS material, house-to-house leaflets and social media. The result was overwhelming. Roobol received thousands of responses from people who wanted to make others, or themselves, happy. Unusual, emotional and enjoyable stories. People are very kind to one another and are happy to share their stories.

Traffic booster

With 12,500 responses and a cumulative reach of more than 500,000 acquaintances, friends and relatives, this self-managed content marketing campaign generated engagement and increased store traffic.


The campaign was shared widely and spread the right feeling about Roobol.

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