BG Freight Line

Positioning an international logistics service provider.

one sentence brief

Based on BG Freight Line’s corporate identity, develop appropriate positioning that can then be translated into various communication materials.


To start this project, we organized a Brand Workshop with BG Freight Line which identified the market, target group and the organization’s distinguishing characteristics. With this information as a starting point, the creative team started developing BG Freight Line’s positioning then translated it into a fresh, new look and feel. This resulted in a completely new website, various housestyle elements, corporate photography and a striking corporate video amongst other things.

Corporate video: The Big Blue

Captain Sergey Pavlenko has nearly 30 years of experience at BG Freight Line. Who better then to show what distinguishes BG Freight Line as an organization and how he, his crew and office colleagues exemplify this day in and day out: It’s an adventure, the big blue. In three intense days, Campagne managed to film this impressive story, producing a wonderful corporate video.

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As liberator, the Brand Workshop revealed that what mainly distinguishes BG Freight Line is its Rotterdam mentality: constant drive, personal commitment and authenticity of the day-to-day work. These aspects served as the basis for the new positioning.

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