Effective participation in a trade fair: Outsource it!

You want to use your marketing budget effectively and efficiently. At the end of the day, you can only spend it once. You generate valuable leads faster through direct, personal contact, but dropping by 45,000 premises isn’t an option. Luckily you don’t have to do that. Just present your company at a trade fair!

That’s how we’ve introduced over 26,000 professionals, from 120 different countries, to IMCD’s expertise at the European Coatings Show. Our client Svensson was able to present itself as thought leader to more than 10,000 professionals at the Greentech trade fair. And at CPhI in Madrid, over 45,000 visitors could enter into one-to-one conversations with experts from IMCD.

Trade fairs as communication tool

A trade fair is more than ‘an exhibition of goods’, as Van Dale dictionary describes it. A trade fair is a way of telling your target group your story. For example, about how your company operates sustainably (sustainability) or how your employees make your company (employer branding). It’s a perfect time to invite existing and potential contacts. So it’s important to know precisely why you’re at the trade fair.

Research by the Validators, in partnership with Sanoma, shows that trade fairs, and events in general, make a lasting impression. You reinforce your brand. The direct interaction you have with your target group and the countless opportunities to present your company creatively, make trade fairs an important communication tool in the marketing mix.

At Campagne, we’ve been helping clients with their trade fair presence since 2011. From the first stand concept to delivery on the trade fair floor. We think beyond the stand and ensure that the entire package is right. We use various communication tools to reinforce the message and complete the experience. Curious about how we go to work? Take a look behind the scenes!

From concept to delivery

We start each project with a joint kick-off to find out what your objectives are. What’s the goal of the trade fair presence? What’s the desired outcome? What message must your stand communicate? What story are we going to tell? If it’s still unclear we take a step back to properly define it using insights.

Before we begin with the design, it’s important to know what elements are needed. These include the type of furniture, whether you want meeting rooms, the type of eye-catchers, video screens etc. And not entirely unimportant, what’s the budget?

Once the design of the stand is finalised, the artwork, including banners, posters and video content, is developed further. At the same time, we list what else is needed like merchandise, badges, gadgets, catering, hostesses etc. Want to promote your trade fair presence? An online campaign can be a great way to create a buzz about your participation. As a result, existing and potential clients will be able to find you more easily. Last but not least, we ensure perfect delivery of the stand together with the stand builder.

Motivate, activate, GO!

All you have to do now is motivate your colleagues to staff the stand with enthusiasm. Provide a clear list of tasks and a good briefing. Oh, and don’t forget drinks parties, dinners and other activities that take place outside the trade fair.

Are you curious about what Campagne can do for you? Drop by, the coffee’s ready! Together we’ll look at how we can make your trade fair presence as effective and successful as possible!

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