Using drones

A totally different view from above

You see them more and more often. As a tool at the scene of an accident or a search party, in the news, in great aerial photography and in spectacular video recordings: Drones!

In recent years, the technology has advanced enormously and it seems anyone can operate a drone. As a result, drones are becoming an increasingly attractive tool for companies to use for video and photography. As a hobbyist you can buy a drone and immediately fly it. In commercial use, there’s a lot more involved.


As a commercial flyer, the drone is viewed as an aircraft to which strict rules apply. The drone pilot must be familiar with all the rules and conditions, and have general knowledge of aviation.

To guarantee the safety of the environment and bystanders, every pilot must have an RPAS Operator Certificate (ROC). The drone must be registered in the aviation register and meet all technical and safety standards. Only when you’ve met all the conditions can you use the drone for commercial assignments.

The 'Wow' factor

Campagne has had a drone for two years and I’m the pilot. We’re regularly out and about making great shots for our clients. The team consists of three people: the pilot, the camera operator and an observer. The team ensures that with good flight preparation, the job gets off to a safe start. Preparation includes properly checking whether flying is permitted at the site. We check weather conditions, the drone itself and the settings. Check, check, double-check: ready for take-off!

Drone shots provide a splendid view from above, and give a product the ‘Wow’ factor. In the past, you had to hire an aeroplane or a helicopter, which was pretty expensive. Now you can just do it with our drone. From a height of just 30 or 40 metres, you can get the most fantastic shots. Over land, at sea or in the air, a drone has practically no limits. That’s how we shot Rotterdam’s splendid harbour from the water, and we’ve also flown in Sweden and Hungary.

Video production or aerial photography

We could tell you a whole lot more about all the guidelines for drone shots and how great the material is. Instead, let’s just take a look at the fantastic images it produces.

BG Freight Line – The Big Blue
For freight shipping company BG Freight Line, we were up early to capture one of their ships at dawn. Good preparation and collaboration with the captain were extremely important. A container ship can’t just turn so you can retake a shot. The results were great!

BMW Driving Experience
Roaring engines and sliding tyres. Shooting from the air produced wonderful images. You can almost smell the asphalt!

ProMobility – The Destination
A brand film with great locations. Our drone added a great deal of depth to the production. What better way to portray mobility than from above?

Svensson – On site at Lansbergen Roses
With drone shots, you immediately think of filming in the open air. For Svensson, we flew right into a greenhouse!

Are you intrigued about how we can use drone shots in your productions? Or do you have questions about filming with our drone? If so, contact us as soon as possible, I’ll be happy to tell you more.

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