We are a creative and result-focused advertising agency in Rotterdam. With our no-nonsense Rotterdam approach, we develop distinctive strategies, concept and creation, based on research and knowledge, and deliver flawless implementation.

Rotterdam Sport

The sport platform for 600,000 Rotterdammers.

Getting some 600,000 more Rotterdammers moving is quite a challenge. Through market research, we conducted conversations with Rotterdammers and went into more depth with a focus group. As a result of this research, a content platform was created to inspire and engage sporty Rotterdammers. An example of city marketing on our home turf!

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When it comes to their future, you reach young people through their parents.

Our assignment was to motivate pupils in vocational education to sign up for training in the transport and logistics sector. But how do you reach them? We identified 4 stages in the decision-making process and targeted these using a multi-channel communication campaign. And what happened? When it comes to the future, you reach young people through their parents.

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Yur advocaten

Repositioning  and a new name.

The legal world is changing. Digitization and computerization play a major role. The client no longer expects a traditional law firm. We developed a new positioning, name and corporate identity.

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